The 7 Bangs of Taylor Swift

I wrote a topical article about Taylor Swift's bangs. She had just bleached her hair, hence my thinking of the idea. I'm not a huge fan of hers by any means. I just felt like she has a lot of bangs styles that deserve names and personalities. While "researching" my article, I began to see Taylor as more than a manufactured popstar. She knew what she wanted to do at an early age and got to it. Success wasn't instant. She kept persevering. She paid her dues by performing all over and opening for many acts. Here I was thinking she just appeared over night. Namely, the night of Kanye's infamous interruption. 


If Taylor Swift had been the pop it-girl of the 90s, I probably would've been obsessed with her. I save a special place in my heart for Britney Spears. But since she came to notoriety when I was in high school, I felt like she was just another obnoxious singer. Now that I'm a little older and pursing something creative as well, I respect her determination. I regularly contemplate quitting entertainment. I imagine a simple life where all I worry about waking up on time and what's for lunch. No YouTube videos, no blogs, no stress, no doubt-inducing comparisons to more successful creatives. Yes, a simple life sounds very nice. 

Then there's the sweeping, all-encompassing feeling I get when I watch a wonderful TV show or a brilliant sketch. I'm overcome with a pulsating, electric charge that flashes in huge neon letters: I want that. And the simple life becomes just a drop more impossible than my dreams.