Work Work Work Work Work

Memba this one?

In my creative heyday, I was churning out YouTube videos left and right. But in the past few months, I haven't felt inspired to do anything besides improv and writing classes. No songs, no blogs, no vlogs. But once I got hired as a full-time Pam in The Office, the ideas spurted out like a projectile pimple. 

Yours truly in a rap battle.

I decided earlier this year to stop acting. The passion of fellow actors for their craft surpassed my own. My mind would wander in acting class from "capturing the character" to counting the grammatical errors and mentally rewriting the script. In October 2015, I took my first TV writing class. It was infinitely more interesting than any acting class I'd taken. Three classes later, (I think) I want to be a TV comedy writer. Who knows if that will hold true in the years to come. In 2013, I was convinced I was the next Iggy Azalea. Seriously. 

With the decision to quit acting came the move from part-time to full-time work. I bid farewell to my sweaty friends at the yoga studio where I worked in favor of working for The Man. And that's when it happened. The creative in me came out of hibernation.

It's odd timing. Usually the move to full-time causes us delusional creative types to lose all hope and give up on our passion. But for whatever reason, the financial stability and routine have resulted in me getting back in action. I shot a vlog about dating apps with a friend last week. I'll post it here soon! 

Oh! Another thing that coincided with buckling down and being part of "the system": I got a freelance writing gig! I'm getting paid to write! What! The! What! 

So life's good. Things are different. Now I'm driving a Chrysler 200 because my Honda CR-V is part of the massive Takata airbag recall. I'm riding in rental style. Thanks shrapnel airbags! 

But different is good. Change is good. All the free food at my office is good. It's all good! 

Thanks for reading and XOjiayou.