Meet My Rap Alter Ego

Name: Lil Dumpling

Fact: She feels sexiest in a yellow cardigan.

Fact: She does typing tests for fun.

Fact: Celebrities all want to be her bestie (or so she thinks)

Check out my latest YouTube video, featuring Lil Dumpling rapping about her ride/die life in her CR-V. 


Lil Dumpling so so hot
Bran muffins we/can’t can’t stop
Where we going to the top
Paparazzi-photo opp!

Lil Dumpling was gone for a minute
but she’s back and she’s in it to win it
Rhymes that stick like la brea tar pits
Style so fresh in her yellow cardigan

Haha haha she’s laughing
Hoho hoho she’s graphing

Haha haha she’s laughing
Remix of Lean On—it’s happening

i ride these streets in my cr-v HEY
i die in these streets with my cr-v HEY

She's so cool I do typing tests for fun
Put bread in my mouth stick out my tongue
All the girls just want to be Lil Dumpling
All the boys just want a Good Lil Humping

Lil Dumps is behind on Game of Thrones
Lil Dumps likes to spend Friday nights at home
Dancing to N*Sync when she’s all alone
Ring ring ring, it’s JT on the phone

Lil Dumpling got things to do do
No time to Facetime Heidi Klum Klum
Rapping bout this life is a full time job
Got no time for Khloe, Kim, Kourt, or Rob

Sorry she’s busy, leave a message, at the tone, she’ll get back to you when she can.

i ride these streets in my cr-v HEY
i die in these streets with my cr-v HEY
2011 mint condition

yo i’m lil dumpling all the haters jocking
words from you mean less than sleep talking
that means that it’s nonsense to me
silly things you mumble in your dreams

i’m the girl who’s every guy’s dreams
ya the mengxiang but you’re not seeing things
dropping chinese phrases like ni hao ma
wo bi ni congming (I'm smarter than you), TAI BANG LE (wonderful!)