Here are some photos from a recent shoot.

[Photo cred: Ethan Kaplan. He's awesome--check out his website:]

I love imagining things. While taking those photos, I imagined that I was the insanely wealthy daughter of an oil tycoon. My father was forcing me to marry the insipid son of his business partner to safeguard the future of the conglomerate. My inner monologue was something like, "I am so rich, yet so sad"--but you already gathered all of that from a cursory look through the photos, right?

The dangerous trio of 1) being an only child, 2) having a strict Chinese mother, 3) no cable TV, high speed internet, or video games meant I spent a lot of time playing alone. It sounds sad but at the time it was fun because I didn't know anything else. To stay occupied, I would immerse myself in make believe. Here's a short list of things I would imagine...

1.) The oscillating tower fan was my boyfriend. 

2.) The jets bubbling from under the covered part of the jacuzzi were Ursula from the Little Mermaid coming to get me.

3.) I was psychic. One time we were doing a mental math exercise in 5th grade and I wasn't paying attention to what math operations Ms. Lang was telling us to do. Then I randomly guessed the answer was 36. It was 36. To this day, I still kind of think I can predict the future. I assume that's something an older sibling would nip in the bud, but hey, I'm a clairvoyant only child so whatever--no sibs, no probs.

Thanks for reading. Bye bye!