Here are some stills from a great short film shoot last week. 

The entire shoot was fun, but there were two instances in particular that stood out.

The first was while we were shooting in the ocean in Malibu. The waves were a bit rough that day. The ocean floor was composed mainly of slippery rocks. Whenever a wave hit, it was impossible to stay in place. At first, I felt uneasy being out there and not being able to stand my ground. But after a few tumbles and having the wind knocked out of me, I started to accept and enjoy my powerlessness against the ocean.

(By the way, if you look at powerlessness enough it starts to look like a made-up word. But it's real, I promise. I googled it!) 

The second instance was when we were shooting in the desert in Palmdale. We had just begun rolling and I was about to enter the scene. In the silence before I was to break in, a bee buzzed audibly across the shot. The timing was perfect. It was as if the director had cued the bee. I could think of a profound idea to close out this story, but to be honest, hearing that little bee in the moment of quiet was profound enough as is.