Review: Carbon38 Takara Leggings

From left to right: orchid pink, black, and wine

From left to right: orchid pink, black, and wine

Holy mother of leggings. In those awkward few days between Christmas and New Year’s when all hell breaks loose (at least with my chocolate consumption), I ordered three pairs of High Waisted Takara leggings. They are glossy. They are gram-worthy. They are HERE.

I’ve been eyeing these beauts for most of 2018. When my size (XS) came back in stock, I went for it. I also got a 25% off discount from a Carbon38 ambassador I found on Instagram. Yay!

I ordered them in orchid pink, black, and wine. The orchid pink one was crazy Andi coming out to play. Most of my workout wardrobe is black. I sweat a lot. I don’t want to scare the children with my lady-zone sweat stains post jump-rope sesh. “What children are at your gym, Andi?” you might ask. Last week, I saw a guy bring his daughter into the men’s locker room. I was horrified. Shouldn’t Dads send their daughters into the women’s room and hope some matronly woman will guide them on their journey of big-girl potty-use? That’s what my dad did anyway.


Back to the matter at hand. When I first tried on the hot pink pair I was a little scared. Isn’t that silly? Scared of a color?! That’s my own weird issue with wearing bright colors that draw attention to myself. When I pulled them on, I didn’t even have the guts to take off the tag because I thought, “Oh these are returns for sure.” After taking a few photos with them, I decided they’re keepers.

I love the pink color but I noticed that they are the teensiest bit sheer in the back when I took a flash photo with my buttocks sticking out. If you are not sticking your butt out for someone to take a photo with flash, I think you’ll be fine.

Then I tried on the wine color. Loved it. Totally opaque. I’ve always been fond of maroons and wine colors. Don’t tell my fellow Bruins that I secretly like USC colors…


Lastly, I tried on the black and I felt right at home. I love black everything. I don’t know how people wear white pants, shoes, shirts…it makes me so nervous. I am prone to spillage, stainage, and all sorts of unfortunate mishaps so I live in black. I loooove the black leggings. But I’m glad that I branched out a little bit and got a few different colors.

On to how they feel…oh baby. I’m wearing the black pair right now and they are so comfortable. They feel more like soft, squishy sweatpants than skin-tight, glossy leggings. They’re truly more comfortable than any other legging I own. I love the waistband too. Rather than being a double-fold of the legging material like most other leggings, this one has the double fold with some kind of stiffer waistband in there that really keeps the waistband put. I haven’t had to adjust these pants once whereas with my Lulu Wunder Unders every time I get in the car, get out, do a squat, whatever, I have to hoist them up again.


While running errands today I wore my new Takaras with a hoodie and Doc Martens. I felt that the glossy material slightly elevated what could have been a schlubby look. The leggings made me feel a little more put together as I made a sniffly ramen-run.

I haven’t worked out with them, very congested at the moment, but will add an update on how they perform when I do.

Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and am doing everything I can to keep from ordering more colors! Thanks for reading.