Review: Lululemon Wunder Under Super High-Rise Tight Full-On Luon


Lululemon Wunder Under Super High-Rise Tight

Can leggings ever be too high? I investigate with my recent purchase of these “super high-rise” leggings.

After ogling these beauties online for the better part of 2018, I finally took the plunge and purchased these bad boys. I was curious about the “super high-rise” nature of these as I’ve been a little irritated with my Lululemon High-Rise Wunder-Unders in the past not being high enough. I have a long torso which makes most rompers a camel-toed disaster and renders most “high-rise” leggings mid-rise. Or maybe I’m just crazy and like my pants too damn high.

Anyway, I got these in a size four. This was also my first experience with the Luon material. It’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to get the Lulu terminology down—something about all those “l” words like Luon, Luxtreme, etc.—but I think I finally get it. Luon is more dry feeling if that makes sense. The Luxtreme fabric which I’m very familiar with feels more like technical workout sweatitout gear, as is its intention. However, because it’s cool to the touch and is less cottony feeling (forgive me Mrs. Kadletz, my junior year AP Language teacher) I’ve found that the waistband often slides down or rolls over. Not pleasant! I find myself hiking up my leggings multiple times during a workout. Not the case with the Luon material. Not sure if it’s because they’re super high-rise or because they’re more cottony, but these babies stay put. I love that they are actually high-rise on me. They feel more like Alo Yoga leggings but less see-through and better equipped to handle strenuous workouts and running. We’ll see whether they pill but so far so good. They are a little thicker and I think feel more like cold-weather leggings than the Luxtreme fabric, but I’m still pleased.

I hope Lulu starts to sell super high-rise leggings in store soon! Or at least have more colors and the Luxtreme fabric available in super high-rise online.

If you’ve tried these, let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading!