Review: Carbon38 Takara Leggings

From left to right: orchid pink, black, and wine

From left to right: orchid pink, black, and wine

Holy mother of leggings. In those awkward few days between Christmas and New Year’s when all hell breaks loose (at least with my chocolate consumption), I ordered three pairs of High Waisted Takara leggings. They are glossy. They are gram-worthy. They are HERE.

I’ve been eyeing these beauts for most of 2018. When my size (XS) came back in stock, I went for it. I also got a 25% off discount from a Carbon38 ambassador I found on Instagram. Yay!

I ordered them in orchid pink, black, and wine. The orchid pink one was crazy Andi coming out to play. Most of my workout wardrobe is black. I sweat a lot. I don’t want to scare the children with my lady-zone sweat stains post jump-rope sesh. “What children are at your gym, Andi?” you might ask. Last week, I saw a guy bring his daughter into the men’s locker room. I was horrified. Shouldn’t Dads send their daughters into the women’s room and hope some matronly woman will guide them on their journey of big-girl potty-use? That’s what my dad did anyway.


Back to the matter at hand. When I first tried on the hot pink pair I was a little scared. Isn’t that silly? Scared of a color?! That’s my own weird issue with wearing bright colors that draw attention to myself. When I pulled them on, I didn’t even have the guts to take off the tag because I thought, “Oh these are returns for sure.” After taking a few photos with them, I decided they’re keepers.

I love the pink color but I noticed that they are the teensiest bit sheer in the back when I took a flash photo with my buttocks sticking out. If you are not sticking your butt out for someone to take a photo with flash, I think you’ll be fine.

Then I tried on the wine color. Loved it. Totally opaque. I’ve always been fond of maroons and wine colors. Don’t tell my fellow Bruins that I secretly like USC colors…


Lastly, I tried on the black and I felt right at home. I love black everything. I don’t know how people wear white pants, shoes, shirts…it makes me so nervous. I am prone to spillage, stainage, and all sorts of unfortunate mishaps so I live in black. I loooove the black leggings. But I’m glad that I branched out a little bit and got a few different colors.

On to how they feel…oh baby. I’m wearing the black pair right now and they are so comfortable. They feel more like soft, squishy sweatpants than skin-tight, glossy leggings. They’re truly more comfortable than any other legging I own. I love the waistband too. Rather than being a double-fold of the legging material like most other leggings, this one has the double fold with some kind of stiffer waistband in there that really keeps the waistband put. I haven’t had to adjust these pants once whereas with my Lulu Wunder Unders every time I get in the car, get out, do a squat, whatever, I have to hoist them up again.


While running errands today I wore my new Takaras with a hoodie and Doc Martens. I felt that the glossy material slightly elevated what could have been a schlubby look. The leggings made me feel a little more put together as I made a sniffly ramen-run.

I haven’t worked out with them, very congested at the moment, but will add an update on how they perform when I do.

Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and am doing everything I can to keep from ordering more colors! Thanks for reading.

Review: Body By Simone App

Unpopular opinion: I don’t like vacations. Yes, the relaxation, the getting away from it all, and the new experiences are fine and dandy but girl needs her gym. I love going to my gym. I know where everything is, I have all the equipment my little heart desires, fresh towels are a-plenty.

As much I wish I could be a Victoria’s Secret model proving that travel on the go is really so easy (see video of VS Angels Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes working out with the help of a palm tree) that’s just not me. I get irritated when my workout conditions are not exactly right. That speaks more to deeper issues—insert therapy talk here…acceptance…needing to go with the flow…

Anyway. One day into a three day visit to see my family for the holidays, I went stir crazy from lack of gym-ing and decided to download the Body By Simone app. Founded by Simone De La Rue, the app features dance cardio workouts, HIIT, core, arms, and leg workouts that either use body weight or mostly travel-friendly equipment like bands, pilates balls, and ankle weights.

Semi-related tangent: In 2017, I indulged in one month of unlimited classes at the Body By Simone studio in West Hollywood for *sharp intake of breath* $299. I made the drive from Downtown LA to West Hollywood almost every morning just to workout there. Yeah, I’m a little nutso when I get excited about a new spot. I first fell into it because I saw Victoria’s Secret model (are you starting to see a trend?), Kelly Gale, post about taking classes there while training for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Back to the app: I downloaded this app, paid the $19.99 for one month’s access and off I went. I’ve done a whopping total of three workouts with it. Two while at my family’s place and one when I got back home at the gym. While I really like Simone De La Rue’s direction and the quality of videos, I was bored. Maybe I didn’t challenge myself enough or focus on engaging certain parts of my body enough, but it just didn’t do it for me. I liked that it was a video and Simone was right there with me doing the workouts. It made working out in the living room while my boyfriend watched “Impractical Jokers” feel a little less lonely and strange, but still I got bored. I didn’t like not being able to listen to my own music which contributed to the boredom. They have some kind of random pulsating club beats mix going on in the background of the music. Also, I don’t like not knowing what equipment I need for a workout until the workout video has already started. The “Custom Workout Feature” allows you to choose what type of workout you want and how long but it doesn’t show you what equipment will be required until the video actually gets going. I didn’t find the app’s functionality all that engaging either. I like being able to click through workout routines and see exactly what moves I will be asked to do like you can with the BBG/Sweat app.

I should note though, that this gives you a pretty good experience on par with taking a $30 class at one of Simone’s studios. So if you’re looking for a cost effective way to get your Simone itch scratched, then this could work for you. I think if this was a year ago when I was all about BBS workouts, I would’ve been able to look past some of the app’s drawbacks. But I’m just not that into pilates ATM and the lack of functionality with the app kept me from sticking with it longer than a few days. As the app is relatively new, perhaps it will be improved in the future. Here’s to hoping for that because I love Simone’s approach to teaching and the unique sequence of moves she incorporates to get that coveted dancer’s body.

Review: Lululemon Wunder Under Super High-Rise Tight Full-On Luon


Lululemon Wunder Under Super High-Rise Tight

Can leggings ever be too high? I investigate with my recent purchase of these “super high-rise” leggings.

After ogling these beauties online for the better part of 2018, I finally took the plunge and purchased these bad boys. I was curious about the “super high-rise” nature of these as I’ve been a little irritated with my Lululemon High-Rise Wunder-Unders in the past not being high enough. I have a long torso which makes most rompers a camel-toed disaster and renders most “high-rise” leggings mid-rise. Or maybe I’m just crazy and like my pants too damn high.

Anyway, I got these in a size four. This was also my first experience with the Luon material. It’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to get the Lulu terminology down—something about all those “l” words like Luon, Luxtreme, etc.—but I think I finally get it. Luon is more dry feeling if that makes sense. The Luxtreme fabric which I’m very familiar with feels more like technical workout sweatitout gear, as is its intention. However, because it’s cool to the touch and is less cottony feeling (forgive me Mrs. Kadletz, my junior year AP Language teacher) I’ve found that the waistband often slides down or rolls over. Not pleasant! I find myself hiking up my leggings multiple times during a workout. Not the case with the Luon material. Not sure if it’s because they’re super high-rise or because they’re more cottony, but these babies stay put. I love that they are actually high-rise on me. They feel more like Alo Yoga leggings but less see-through and better equipped to handle strenuous workouts and running. We’ll see whether they pill but so far so good. They are a little thicker and I think feel more like cold-weather leggings than the Luxtreme fabric, but I’m still pleased.

I hope Lulu starts to sell super high-rise leggings in store soon! Or at least have more colors and the Luxtreme fabric available in super high-rise online.

If you’ve tried these, let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading!

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